How to order

1. Click on the item you want to order then select size , color and quantity then click ADD TO CART  to add item into your shopping cart (to ensure that you get the correct size, please see ‘Table Size’ in each item for reference )


 2. Hover over ‘SHOPPING BAG’ to see item(s) in your cart, click CHECKOUT


3. To check out, click on SHOPPING BAG to see your selected item(s). To use a coupon code, please enter the code in the box and clickapply coupon


Terms shopping cart

1. Buy less than 2,000 baht a free ems shipping cost from 2,000 to 80, but if the delivery.

2. 1 point equals 1 THB

3. The use of the product except for promotion.

4. Birthday to the purchase of 50% within 1 License for 1 time only for new collection.

5. Ratings are a 25 baht / 1 score for all categories.


Additional conditions

1. Date of grant purchases 50% within the first right -to-1 was the only new collection.

2. The score will be 25 baht / 1 Product Rating All 1 point is worth 1 baht for a discount on purchases.


4. For new customers, please create your account by clicking on ‘create an account’ Fill in your details to create an account. For registered customers, please log in to proceed


5. Complete your name and billing address. To use a different address for shipping, please untick ‘Ship to this address’ then fill in the delivery address. Select your preferred payment method and complete the payment process







6. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from Baby Shelther after your order is processed